The main feature of the innovative social multiplayer game called Aviator is a growth curve that may crash at any point. The multiplier's scale begins to increase at the beginning of the round. Before the lucky plane takes off, the player needs to cash out.

The Aviator casino gameoffers creative and innovative gambling, allowing players to maximise their winnings by betting more and more against ever-increasing odds (up to x100). This means that by placing a bet of 10 INR, you have the potential to earn 1000 INR virtually immediately.

How to play the aviator game

Your earrings in the aviator game depend on how much altitude you can lift the plane, and the game's graphics are pretty straightforward. In this game, you play the part of a cute pilot. Your winning bet will be increased by the coefficient, which in this case, corresponds to the height you can lift the plane. The Aviator game is categorised as an online slot machine at the majority of online casinos. The absence of reels, symbols, and pay lines sets the game apart from other slot machines. Instead, the curve crash feature is the foundation of the game. The action of the game takes place in a place that looks like an airport.

An aeroplane is preparing to take off at the beginning of the game. When an aeroplane takes off, it soars upward at a rising coefficient that starts at 1x. The coefficient rises as the altitude of the airplane increases. The coefficient has an infinite potential increase; hence playing the Aviator game has a substantial winning potential.

The initial step in playing the game is for players to deposit their wager. After placing a wager, the next stage is to collect the winnings before the plane takes off. Knowing when to cash out is crucial to winning or losing, as well as to winning significantly or moderately. This is where the entire game's difficulty rests.

The art of cashing out at the exact right time, when the coefficient is at its maximum but before the plane takes off, is something that players need to practise. When this is mastered, playing the Aviator game becomes a financially rewarding experience! Thus, the core idea behind the Aviator game is this straightforward choice: cash out quickly and lose out on the big profits, or wait around for possibly huge returns but run the risk of losing everything.

The Cash Out option is a sizable button that may be found directly underneath the playing grid area. The Cash Out button was purposefully made more prominent so that players could quickly press it after finding the coefficient they wanted to win. Losses occur in this game when the player waits too long for the plane to take off.

Where to play the Aviator game

Numerous online casinos offer the game. Nearly all online casinos with a licence from Curacao offer Aviator Game. All of the casinos we advise using should be safe and legitimately licenced, and they provide you with the chance to start as a pilot at the Game Aviator with a sizable welcome bonus. For Indian gamers, Pin Up Casino is a recommended official site to use just when playing Aviator. In order for Indian players to participate in the Aviator game on the Pin Up Casino website. You need to take the following steps:

The Aviator demo is available for anyone who wishes to try out the game without spending any real money. You may use Aviator without creating an account.

How to fund an account in Aviator

Funding your account is the next step, which will enable you to begin playing for real money. You can select the deposit method that best matches your needs from among the several that the Pin Up Casino offers. Follow these instructions to deposit money:

Features of the Aviator game

Live Bets

While playing the Aviator game, a player can view the bets that other players have made. This data may be seen on the horizontal bar to the left of the playing grid. Players will also be able to view the wins and coefficients for each winning wager and the bets they have placed.

Live Statistics

While playing, the user can view statistics on the players at the top of the leaderboard, along with their highest wins and multipliers achieved in a day, month, or year.

In-game Chat

A chat feature is available on the right-hand side of the playing grid. All players who want to create friends while playing games will find this helpful tool. The technology is also crucial because it improves the immersion factor of the Aviator game by allowing players to engage freely with one another. Emojis and GIFs can be used to communicate jokes!

Aviarace Tournaments

Competitions are frequently planned for Aviator players. Players can participate in tournaments and compete against other players; those who perform well are awarded cash bonuses, free bets, and other promotional prizes.

Free Bets

The most excellent strategy to ensure a profit is to wager without personal risk. These are given out randomly to certain participants or even to everyone in the conversation.

The Aviator Game is relatively straightforward, yet it's also incredibly fascinating. Of course, the social aspect of being able to converse with other players while wagering real money also plays a significant role. The Aviator Game is very entertaining.